PRELUDE: Time line

  • 4038AD

    Earth is a wasteland except for a few derelict societies and Federation owned sites.
  • 3105AD

    In 3050AD, humans secured a fully operational Faster Than Light (FTL) system: The Space Vault. 50 years later the humans were enslaved by an invading race called the Forillians, who were looking for a new home. Strict but gentle masters, many humans chose to serve them. After 300 years Forillians freed the humans allowing them to join their society, partly due to the works of one man, Arthur Richards. Richards created a supplement that allowed Forillians to live 30 more years longer than their previous average lifespan of 60 human years. With this, Arthur Richards became the first human Forillian council member. This marked the true beginning of the unification of Humans and Forillians.
  • 3525AD

    Around 3500AD/F395, the people of earth, Forillian and Human, began to look at the stars again. After the Forillian invasion The Space Vault was closed. Now this new generation looked to open it again. They believed that with the combination of Forillian and Human technology, they could protect themselves from any invading beings. Now was the time to venture into space again.
  • 3530AD

    The head of the Forillian council, Lorian X’a Ut (*X’a Ut: basically a title similar to Chairman) issued an apology to all humans on the planet. He apologized for the invasion and resulting enslavement. He believed that in order to move forward into space, Humans and Forillians needed to be united. At this time the population of the planet was over 32% Foruman.
  • 3650AD

    The need to vault to other galaxies became a basic necessity. The Earthlings branched out in their galaxy establishing settlements on other planets and moons in the Milkyway. In F565, the Mars settlement became the capital with the Earth being considered too dirty. The Mars settlement came to be known as the city of Orion, and it is where the 4 Galaxy Federation agreement was signed by Vraxius X’a Ut* in F572. From this point on the Milkyway was called Sector Omega, and the people there in, Omegas. In the Federation, there are 4 Sectors: sectorALPHA: most advanced military, technology, and education. Also, the oldest race. sectorSIGMA: highly advanced technology, no military strength, education unbalanced. sectorTHETA: moderate technology, strong military, slow focused education. sectorOMEGA: advanced technology, fearsomely large and strong military, education well balanced and focused.
  • 4005AD/F900

    SectorOMEGA prospered. The status of number 2 in the Federation came with many benefits and the Omegas enjoyed them. Although, with that status many people paid attention to you. The Majority of Omegas were wealthy and one such family was one of the wealthiest. The Richards family became one of the most influential families in sectorOMEGA. Arthur Richards’ descendants never wanted for anything and there were many in the four sectors that wanted a piece of that power. Sara L’xi Richards, the Foruman grand daughter of the current heir to the Richards empire was kidnapped in 4004AD/F899. She was rescued the next year in sectorTHETA and put on the first Vault ship back to sectorOMEGA. The Vault was designed initially for Human and Forillian physiology and was later modified for various races, but the Omegas overlooked one physiology. Foruman. Forumans had been vaulting safely for years but they were always healthy. Generally it was considered taboo to travel while sick, but it was never considered to be a problem in emergency situations. There had only been 3 cases where a sick being was sent through the vault: A Razian with a razul fever, a Fizzuor with Stullitus (very terrible flu like sickness found in sectorALPHA) and a Forillian with a cold. All vaults were successfully completed.
  • 4005ADJANUA:42ND:22:32:14: “H..he…hello…”.

    The ship was never seen or heard from again.