Artist | Professional | USA
    Georgia born Artist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Author.  After spending about six years in Japan, Alfred has return to the States to start a new chapter in his life.
    Digging deeper into his passion for the Arts, he is branching out into new mediums and concepts. Bridging the gap between what he has done and what he has yet to do. Bringing past ideas and concepts to fruition, redesigning his history. Welcome to! A glimpse into the mind of Alfred G. Stewart.
    Keep your eyes on this site to stay up to date on everything about Alfred G. Stewart and how to contact him. Check this slider for current projects and new projects.
    Thank You for stopping through.
    There is always more to come.
    My first attempt at a web comic.
    Hope it goes well lol.
    Don’t want to say too much as everything will be covered in the story. But if you have any question please feel free to click on the “contact me” link. I’m gonna try to update as regularly as possible but no promises lol but I hope at least 3 times a month. Hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by.