March 11, 2013

Get Your CA poster

Get your new CA poster over at Deviant Art or by voting for COUNTER AGENTS at Topwebcomics
March 8, 2013

New poster in the works

First shot of what’s coming. Get more updates over at my tumblr page: NDGOink WIPs & TILs Poster Layout cred: Jermel Wells
March 8, 2013

Only a few more ’til a New Chapter

It’s almost that time again. Don’t forget to check back here at 1am for the next page of Counter Agents chapt 3.5 Head over to the […]
February 13, 2013

Tumblr Page Coming Soon

I keep getting pushed to get a Tumblr page. So, I’m finally going to give in. Mainly because i finally got an idea about what to […]