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While K and S train on Ganymede with Drew and KB, former members of the unit ATLUS and NDGO were apart of, the infected duo find themselves on Daphnis. One of the moons of Saturn. Is this the location of the mysterious ship they’ve been looking for? Also, this is no ordinary base. What secrets does it hide?


Fast Ass Badass

That's all you need to know

Best recorded blade specialist of any sector. Prefers planning over action. Pranks work better that way. K pursued him aggressively to be her trainer. (Read More)


Strong Ass Badass

If I tell you anymore you will be removed

No one has sharper aim. (Heard of shooting the wings off a fly?) ATLUS can do it with a tank cannon. ATLUS is always in ready to go.He is a do it first, (Read More)


Dis Chick

Why do you need to know

S was the youngest White Shroud Agent in history. Her IQ is almost the perfect opposite of her Social skills and awareness. She is very emotional and quite sensitive to criticism.(Read More)


She's cool.

Just be nice to her

K is second to only Josathan Xu'i Raht when it comes to tracking. Now that he is dead, she is considered the best tracker even in ALPHAsector. (Read Mor)


She is really smart

She is also very lucky! (ATLUS told me so!)

Sergeant major ISIS Taylor is a lead scientist at an earth lab in sectorOMEGA. (Read More)


Dis Dude

He is a "B", but you have to love his ways... NOT!

Lieutenant general Malcom Barnes. Retired Shroud agent now a federation judge in sectorOMEGA, He exposed himself as an infected by going after sergeant major ISIS during her dissertation. (Read More)

The Virus

That's it!

We really do not know crap about this thing...

....? Nothing!